Jun 9, 2009

Another sher for Today - Nothing to Write much :(

Shaakh se toot k bichar jayeen wo patte nahi hum |
Aandhiyan se keh do k auqaat mei rahe ||

May 13, 2009

A Sher for Today

Chalo Acha Hua Kaam aa Gayi Deewangi Apni |
Wagharna Hum Zamane Bhar Ko Samjhane Kahan Jaate ||

Deewangi - Madness
Wagharna - Otherwise

May 11, 2009

2009 - The No Option Elections

The 2009 General Elections are NO OPTION Elections. Lets have a quick look why I am calling it a no options elections.

No Options for BJP: The BJP is projecting L.K. Advani as its prime ministerial candidate, knowing the fact that the fanatic Hindu voters will prefer Modi over Advani as PM. The secular or the Muslim vote-bank, as usual is against Advani. So the BJP is loosing its vote bank on both the grounds.

No Options for Congress: The Left is not supporting Manmohan as PM and Rahul is not yet as popular to become the PM. Sonia is the power behind women vote bank, but she can’t become PM as its not acceptable by most of the UPA partners. Knowing the fact that Young voters will prefer Rahul over Manmohan, Congress has no other options but to retain Manmohan as PM. So Congress is also loosing its vote due to no other options.

No Options for Communist: The left once pulled the support from Congress demanding the Nuclear treaty with USA. Congress survived the confidence motions and signed the treaty. The Third Front or Left alone can’t form the Government, they are not a friend of Congress now, they can’t tie up with BJP to secure its secular image. Now again they have no other options but to support Congress.

Muslims Dilemma: 5-10% dropout in Muslims voters this election compared to previous elections as Muslims exactly don’t know whom to vote. The Congress is not giving tickets to any Muslims in the states where no other secular party exists like in Maharashtra. Knowing the fact that Muslims won’t vote for Shiv Sena or BJP, Congress in Maharastra is giving tickets to Businessman to comply its financial needs. The long term favorite SP is joining hands with Kalyan Singh in UP to increase its reachability. Now the BSP is determined to serve the interests of Harijans, BJP is again i the Ram Temple, Congress is not paying much attention, SP is tilting towards Kalyan Singh, Muslims don’t have much options now.

No Options for Lalu: Lalu is supporting Congress at center but Congress is fighting against RJD in Bihar. Lalu can’t support BJP or the CPM, but to fight against Congress to support it at center.

Orignal Post: http://www.electionnews.co.in/election-2009/43/

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